Dave has been doing my taxes since 2007 without incident! My tax return is prepared and sent back quickly and accurate year after year and for that reason I will not change accountants.  Any problem that would arise (local tax idiots), the issue would be resolved with one phone call.


David Butt is one of those people that you know you will like from the first time that you meet them. He will take adequate time to go over your unique situation. He listens closely to what you have to say and make ample notes of important points while you explain your situation to him. David will then explain to you the best way to lower your tax liability.

My situation was that my 94-year-old mother was not sure if the way she had her estate trust planning was the best way for tax planning. Even though I told her several time over and over that I thought that it was the best way with the least tax liability, she still thought that there might be a better way.

We agreed to go a tax planning specialist. Since I didn’t know of any tax planning specialist, I asked my attorney for recommendations. My attorneys highly recommended Mr. Butt and now so do I!

Mr. Butt reassuring explained to my mother that, in fact, her trust planning already had the best way of reducing her estate’s tax

Several days later my mother is still glad that we consulted with David. She now realizes that her present estate planning is what she really wants.


David is reasonable in thoughts and costs.


Dave is an exceptional tax professional. He handles all of my law firm’s tax affairs and my personal returns as well. Dave is top shelf in every respect and I would recommend none other.

D. K.

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